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  A Cop's Job Is Never Done
cop, spoof, detective, humorous, dry,
  After Morning
relaxed, determined, positive, medium tempo
  Amore Than Expected
dreamy, ethereal, scat, female, vocals, soothing
  Change No 4
gentle, peaceful, hypnotic, music, beautiful
  Fan Club
Chill out, piano, groove, easy
  Just Desserts
crazy, food song, dessert, weird, unusual, rocky, guitar
relaxation, meditation, calm, peaceful
  Meta Spectral
Driving, pushy, pulsing, urgent, bass
  Now Corlin
light, breezy, easy, positive, happy, fun, carefree, electric piano
  Open World
gentle, tranquil, meditation, relaxing, soothing
  Peace Highway
dreamy, floating, calm, gentle, relaxing, peace, peaceful, soothing
medium, trance, tibetan, throat singing
Japanese, melancholy, tokyo, goodbye, sayonara
  Sea Blue Skies
dreamy, floating, spring, summer, stream, relaxation, easy, sunshine, still
  Serene Skies
dreamy, mystical, soothing. meditation, relaxing, relaxation, hypnotic
  Shwoop De Arc
floating, hypnotic, ethereal, mystical, still,
  Sol R
mid, smooth, piano, guitar, percussion
  Travel As You Are
guitar, easy listening, gentle, melodic,
  Welcome To Mankind
positive, up, political, fun, dance, bass







After Morning
1:44  BPM 131 Play/Download $19

  Perky up melodic track. Catch groove with melody launching form the very start. Percussive and melodic groove with a good time vibe

Now Corlin
1:42  BPM 131 Play/Download $19

  Gentle good time groove. Happy, positive light and cheerful music to help lift the mood and spirits.

Bossa Feet
3:35 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Medium slow bossa feel with airy girls vocal scatting the melody line. Think Girl From Ipanema and you have the lazy Brazilian beach feel in the warm sun. Easy laid back latin music for that ultimate chill out jazzy vibe, featuring nylon guitars and a pure and beautiful sultry voice scatting the melody.
It is a bright, calm, casual, every day, cool, dreamy, easy, elegant, erotic, ethereal, fun, haunting, hypnotic, joyful, light, lively, magical, meditative, melancholy, mellow, mystical, optimistic, peaceful, playful, quiet, reflective, relaxed, romantic, sensual, sentimental, serene, sexy, sultry, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet and uplifting piece of music.

Midlife Crisis
1:57 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Bass loop of medium groove. Slight jazzy feel with electric piano and organ melodies floating over the top. A calm, casual groove, to chill out to. Despite it's name, there is no crisis here, just a mellow vibe to relax and reflect. Think ambient, trip hop, nu jazz, ambient house, down tempo, easy listening and lounge.

Rainy City
1:54 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Feel the melancholy feel of rain in the city on a Friday night. A gentle ambience with a slightly lonely feel as the lights shine through the fall ing rain.

Off Waving
1:03 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Medium groove with a throaty lead line over the top. Strong chill feel with drums and percussion.

Astro Emotion
1:40 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Female robot vocal melody over a medium bouncy rhythm with more vocals in the background. Catchy moderate feel and groove.

Darby's Dance
1:40 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Female robot vocal melody over a medium bouncy rhythm with more vocals in the background. Catchy moderate feel and groove.

Attitude Of Love
3:58 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Imagine a choir of angels with long high breathy tones lifting you up above the world of stress to feel a deep relaxation and peace.

Bell Pad Forest
2:36 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Rhythmic bells with pads and a flute lull you into a gentle relaxed state.

Butter Me Up
1:41 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Cheeky little bass line and groove. Melodic motifs over a medium driving bass line.

1:12 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Light bossa nova feel with airy melody, relaxing, easy listening piece reminiscent of muzak. Nylon string guitars and double bass with electric keys.

Doctor Control In Japan
1:33 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Light and bouncy easy groove featuring vocoder and light drums. Melody reminiscent of Japanese music.

1:11 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Floating pads over drums with a slight techno feel. Medium paced with a hint of female voice pad.

End Of Play
2:52 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Medium instrumental with melody played on guitar and double with female scat vocals. Electric piano, bass and drums create the bed and groove.

2:55 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Beautiful soulful ballad with female vocals and acoustic piano. Gentle and moving melody.

3:29 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Deep hypnotic electric piano provides a felling of relaxation and introspection.

Heaven's Gate
1:57 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Ambient relaxed beach music. A sort of cross between smooth, chill reminiscent of Barry White and that rolling romantic piano sound against an easy rhythmic feel.

1:15 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Vibrant up tempo bouncy bass line with immediate pushy feel and a driving groove.

Into This Space
3:16 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Minimalist slow to medium percussive bell sequence feature a few ambient lead lines over the top.

Massive Y
1:32 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Easy feel with loopy parts and slightly industrial sounding percussion. Melodic cues with gentle build.

No Panic Needed
1:57 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Medium chill groove with a mild intensity smouldering underneath. Strong synth theme interspersed with short melodic interjections.

Sea Blue Skies
5:05 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Easy rolling feel with brushes under beautiful female vocal pad. Think of relaxing and gently sailing down a stream on a warm summers day.

The View From Venus
5:39 109 BPM Play/Download $19


Gentle relaxation music suitable as peaceful background for meditation or just calmness.

The View From Venus
5:39 109 BPM Play/Download $19


music .




The Yes Zone

Light pushy groove with pulsating chord line underneath. Slow to medium tempo with a positive forward moving feel.

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