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Attracting Prosperity

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Money Meditation
Attract Prosperity By Changing Your Attitude to Money



This money meditation is designed to help focus on the positive aspects of money as a means of exchange and how imbue money with love so when it changes hands it carries a higher vibration. Money is often viewed in negative terms, but it is not the only way to view it.

Abundance and prosperity can come from having a positive relationship with money and seeing it as a form of energy communication rather than form of guilt greed and fear. We all need it but we can change our attitude towards it.

A more modern view is that you can help create wealth using the Law Of Attraction more than traditional ways of wealth creation.. although this is not exactly new as Dale Carnegie and many other earlier writers have used this way of attracting money and success.


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Relaxing Background Instrumental Music is Latitudes

relaxing, calm, casual, every day, contemplative,
cool, dark, down, melancholic, dreamy, easy, eerie, elegant, ethereal,
happy, haunting, hopeful, hypnotic, inspirational, meditative
joyful, light, magical, melancholy, mellow, mystical, nature, optimistic, peaceful,
playful, poignant, positive, quiet, reflective, relaxed, repetitive, romantic, searching, sensual, sentimental,
serene, sincere, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet, tranquil, uplifting



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