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Young Artists

Based on the Sunshine Coast, BIG DEALZ offers specialised Recording Services and Music Production for Studemts.

School aged Musicians, Vocalists and Bands.      Private and School Based Performers.

What Do We Offer?

  • Supportive Recording Environment.
  • Fully Featured State of the Art Recording Facilities.  
  • A Dedicated Youth Label. 
  • Extensive Skills in Music, Studio and Production. (see bio)  

Recording Young Talent…  

  • Helps Build Confidence in Young Performers.  
  • Develops Studio Performance Skills.  
  • Provides a Perfect Gift for Family and Friends


Who Can Record?

If you have a child who sings, or is learning to play an instrument, you can help preserve this stage in their development by recording them a CD of their own. What an excellent way to catalogue your child's development. It doesn't matter if they are in primary or high school, beginners or advanced, the development of musical skills and proficiency is an ongoing process. Ask any music professional! 

Anyone can record, not just singers, but anyone who plays guitar, piano saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin or even bass. They just need songs that feature their instrument. A performance can be solo or with accompaniment.

If Singers & Singer/Songwriters require backing tracks, we can providing customised arrangements in any tempo and key.

Why Record?

Apart from the proud feeling your child would have from having their own  professionally produced CD, you can give a copy to family and friends. What a  great gift for grandparents and other family members, especially those living  away or overseas. Use it as a demo to send off for song competitions, talent quests or even record companies. You can even sell the CD at  performances. Many professional bands and artists do this already.


Big Deals For Students!
We have special offers for students.
uMore Informatoion

Check out our Schools Page


Example CD

Dominic Bird plays 2 classical pieces and 1 jazz standard as piano solos.

1) Waltz – Beethoven

2) Study – Steven Heller

3) Autumn Leaves – Johnny Mercer

u Waltz – Beethoven 15 Sec MP3 
MP3 Download. Right click 'Save target as'


Dominique's grandmother was overwhelmed with emotion when she received his CD for her 70th birthday. She said it was the best gift she had ever been given and Dominique's relatives in New Zealand were equally impressed.


Vivian Emson. Year 12 Student, Singer songwriter.
  Vivian Emson - Take A Walk Outside 21 Sec MP3 
To download MP3, right click 'Save target as'


We are based in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast and our Introductory Offer is available to both schools and private musicians!


If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us, 

Call Ian Hildebrand.
Ph. 07 5446 1919   
Mob. 0415 291 956

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