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the studio
sunshine coast recording studio



 Fully Featured State Of The Art Digital Recording Studio.



Cubase SX.. with plenty of plugins.
Computer is powered by 2 Creemware Pulsar cards.. 32 in & out via optical cable and wonderful Scope reverbs.

The fabulous Yamaha 02R Digital Mixer.
Fully automated with separate equalisation and dynamic compression on every channel.



Action Shot

Vocal Booth

Studio features Yamaha NS10 Monitors
Adat XT, JL Cooper Datamaster Sync Box, Roland Midi Patch Bay, Ensonique SQ1 Keyboard. Roland VG8, Roland GR33 Guitar,
Roland GT-6, Synth, Roland GT-6. Tascam DA 20 Dat. Tascam Cassette Player, Mackie Sub Mixer, Roland U110, Seymour Duncan Valve Guitar Pre Amp. Revox 1/2 Track, and... other bits and pieces.


Microphones include Rhode Classic, 
2 Sony Condensers, 
Sure SM57s, 
Beyer Dynamics, 
Sure Beta Kick Drum Mike



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